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Blue Sky Body Care Cleansers

Simply Organic, Simply Clean

A rich hand-crafted line of body care basics to clean, feed and revitalize your most sensitive surfaces

Encouraging your skin and overall body health to work and play well together:

  • Yucca-based deep moisturizing
  • Penetrating nutritional organics
  • All-natural vegan-friendly ingredients
  • Preserving your skin’s fundamental oils
  • A simply zestful invigorating clean

Conscientiously Crafted Organic Essentials

Our bodies hunger daily for basic, healthy foods both inside and out. For a soothing vitamin-rich cleanse that doesn’t strip your skin of its naturally healthful oils, Blue Sky Body Care exceeds every notion of skin deep with its daily regimen of nutritional organics — a clean, clear, entirely natural alternative to waxy residues and designer detergents. There’s a unique delight in a simple bar of soap, so natural it cleans, moisturizes, and revitalizes every layer of your body’s surface with the perfect diet of regenerative nutrients.

Blue Sky Body Care Cleansers

Cedar Sage Shave Kit with Soap, Mug and Brush

Enjoy a truly traditional aromatic shave with Blue Sky’s high-lathering Cedar Sage shave bar paired with this soft bristle brush and classic cup. Perfectly balanced Cedarwood and Sage essential oils blended with elemental emollients and the deliciously deep moisturizing properties of yucca root powder, this artfully crafted combination of all-natural organics infuses every shaved surface with regenerative essentials for an impressively touchable silky smooth finish.

Blue Sky Body Care

 For You and Our Planet

With a variety of options, each of our soaps will:

  • Deep cleanse your skin
  • Naturally, moisturize your skin
  • Help you feel grounded with this vegan and all-natural earthy soap

Currently, we are offering five soaps: Bamboo Biochar with Lava Stone, Bamboo Vinegar, Cedar Sage, Simply Cleanse & Bamboo Biochar.

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