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About Blue Sky Body Care, Vinegar Soap

Natural skin deserves a natural clean

Natural skin deserves a natural clean. Blue Sky Body Care Cleansing Bars invigorate every inch of your body’s surface with the wholesome properties of yucca root. In addition to being the highest native source of Resveratrol, the organics of yucca’s natural moisture retention work to keep your skin hydrated and healthy with a vibrant afterglow that lasts all day. For a penetratingly deep clean that doesn’t resort to harsh detergents, Simply Cleanse elevates your most sensitive surfaces to a new level of freshness.


About Blue Sky Body Care

Blue Sky’s thoughtfully considered range of specialty soaps targets your most sensitive surfaces with the deep-dive moisturizing properties of yucca root. Drawing directly from nature’s most vitalizing resources, only the most soothing, healthful, and nutrient-rich ingredients have been brought together in the creative alchemy of custom-built body basics. Roll up your sleeves and enrich every vital aspect of your body’s most exposed and vulnerable organ — your skin.


Our Experts

Michael Wittman (CEO)

As “Charman” of the Board of Blue Sky Biochar, and as President of Blue Sky Body Care, Michael has long been an activist for a number of national grassroots environmental movements. In 1970 Michael served as a volunteer organizer for the very first Earth Day celebration in his native New York City. His highest priorities have long been the defense and active conservation of our planet’s natural resources and, by extension, the responsible creation of beauty products.


Michael has spent most of his life in the professional beauty industry, starting with the widely renowned company Jhirmack, working under the mentorship of teacher and friend Jheri Redding. In the 1980s his close friend Paul Mitchell teamed with John Paul Dejoria and invited Michael to help create one of the most prestigious beauty companies in the world — Paul Mitchell Systems. With Paul’s blessing, he then segued to the Colorbrites beauty team, serving as that company’s national director.

In the 1990s, while working with Colorbrites, Michael founded his own side company, Metropolis Technology, where he pioneered unique and innovative products, turning them into well-known brands for the professional hairstyling industry. He carries a lifetime of experience in that industry, combined with long-standing expertise in alternative energy and soil science.

His affinity for this planet’s continued good health has never wavered and he continues to educate and advocate for environmental prudence and moderation. He is an accomplished, knowledgeable, and engaging public speaker, advocating for American fuel reform and responsible soil science by promoting affordable and under-utilized natural resources. Michael is a life-long animal rights activist and, as a marine naturalist, he has spent half his life scuba diving and kayaking around the world.

In 2010, having brought his personal and professional passions full circle, Michael founded Blue Sky Biochar to promote, not only the notion of sustainable and regenerative soil health but the means by which to make it practical. In 2019 Michael teamed with his long-time friend and widely respected beauty expert Enrique Martinez to found New Mexico-based Blue Sky Body Care. The company’s simple-yet-dynamic premise was to establish a core collection of elemental body care products centered on the remarkably potent moisturizing properties of natural Yucca root.

Blue Sky Body Care is the culmination of environmentally responsible practices brought to bear on a lifetime of beauty experience, creating a line of all-natural products that are healthful, organic, and conscientiously crafted.

Enrique Martinez (President)

As a successful salon owner and much sought-after hair designer, Enrique’s unassuming start came in 1977 after graduating with honors from Santa Monica Community College. He immediately moved on to advanced training in the classical techniques of cutting and styling with Vidal Sassoon. He then developed proficiency in hair and scalp restoration and maintenance under the expert tutelage of Rene Furterer, whose pharmaceutical-grade scalp treatment and hair care product line intrigued the young stylist.


Within a year Enrique’s career was off and running, landing a highly coveted position at the legendary Umberto’s Hair Salon in Beverly Hills, where he regularly catered to the most demanding styling needs of Hollywood royalty and California’s business elite, attracting an ever-expanding following. Already highly regarded so early on in his profession, Enrique was no mere stylist. His genuine interest was in the organic and practical health of every head of hair, and he continued to develop innate expertise in complex hair solutions, advanced color techniques, and problem scalps, placing him in ever greater demand.

By 1990 he had outgrown Umberto’s and set his sights on the fresh canvas (and less demanding pace) of Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he launched his own boutique salon — Enrique’s. Here he would continue to develop his craft with a more down-to-earth clientele, people whose real-world hair and scalp challenges needn’t be met with a Beverly Hills price tag.

Ever socially conscious and always invested in the welfare of fellow stylists, Enrique worked closely with Santa Fe’s mayor, city council, and independent stylists, and was instrumental in the rewriting of local laws regarding the expansion of home-based styling businesses.

Initially inspired by his mother’s long-held passion for and encyclopedic interest in plant extracts and herbal remedies, Enrique has spent 40-plus years expanding his own knowledge of alternative and organic health practices, absorbing much of his mother’s practical experience from her youth in Mexico, where entire communities commonly relied on the Yucca plant as an effective shampoo and healthful cleaning agent.

In 2019 he and long-time friend and respected peer Michael Wittman decided to pool their collective environmental, organic, and beauty industry expertise to establish Blue Sky Body Care.

Enrique continues to operate his Santa Fe boutique salon with a loyal and expanding client base boasting a high level of satisfaction. He is an active member of the AA community with over 40 years of humble recovery to his credit. He is widely recognized for his community eldership and honored experience, and endeavors to maintain his spiritual practice by daily example.

Michelle Kingore

Michelle Kingore Director R&D

Michelle’s fascination for science, especially as it relates to the earth, started early — just a midwest country girl surrounded in her youth by a wide variety of natural geology, flora, and fauna. Her unquenchable curiosity for how nature works turned into a passion and, unable to contain her enthusiasm, she took a degree in Education from Texas Woman’s University and spent the next 16 years teaching math and science across several states — wherever there was fresh terrain to explore.


Her biological and geological expeditions turned from fascination to dedication when a family member was found to be suffering repeated bouts of mysterious skin cancers. Training her researcher’s eye on the spectrum of possible causes, Michelle was amazed to discover the staggering number and types of synthetic chemical additives present in commercially available skincare products.

Interestingly, her investigations also turned up a number of respected scientific studies spotlighting the beneficial properties inherent in a common desert resident — the lowly Yucca plant, especially its root. Prized for centuries by Native Americans for its regenerative qualities, the yucca became a crucial discovery for her. Why wasn’t this naturally curative and deep moisturizing agent a more common component in beauty products?

The revelation turned to inspiration and, in 2016, noting the conspicuous scarcity of yucca root in a market hungry for elemental body health, Michelle invested herself completely in a yucca-based skincare company of her own.

The impressive quality and organic purity of her product line drew the attention of Michael Wittman and Enrique Martinez, who recognized a kindred spirit in their ethos for environmentally sound, all-natural beauty care. After welcoming her in 2019 to their new business venture, Michelle expanded her process and now heads up all of Blue Sky Body Care’s research and development. What better job than to spin her passion for earth science into a tide-turning contribution to an already dynamic skincare industry? Not bad for a country girl.

Why Choose Blue Sky Body Care

Biochar’s high carbon content and porous composition help soil to retain water, nutrients, protect soil microbes and ultimately increase crop yields while growing healthier, more productive, disease-resistant plants. All this while helping combat global climate change by sequestering and stabilizing rich organic carbon in your soil.

Leave your carbon footprint in the garden…

“If you could continually turn a lot of organic material into biochar, you could, over time, reverse the history of the last two hundred years…We can, literally, start sucking some of the carbon that our predecessors have poured into the atmosphere down through our weeds and stalks and stick it back in the ground. We can run the movie backward. We can undermine some of the coal, undrilled some of the oil. We can take at least pieces of the Earth and – this is something we haven’t done for quite a while – leave them Better Than We Found Them.” -Bill McKibben, author, climate activist, and founder of 350.org

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. 
To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”  
– R. Buckminster Fuller

Whiskey is for drinking – water is for fighting over.” 
— Mark Twain


I ordered 5 of the Blue Sky Body Cares soaps sight unseen online. I was impressed and attracted to the no BS, simple yet elegant packaging but was blown away by the qualities of each separate soap ( I love the shaving soap). As a consumer that hates the excessive packaging, (especially liquid soap in giant plastic bottles) that carelessly expose our bodies to needless chemicals this line of products is a welcome addition that I will be auto ordering from in the future.

Barry Rosen

I just used one of BlueSky Body Care’s soaps and I love it! It’s interesting in that the lather looks a little like fireplace soot. Some people might be turned off by that because it’ll leave a dirty-looking soap dish. But it lathers up really well and rinses off easily. My skin definitely felt clean after using, cleaner than my normal soap. There’s no heavy perfume scent which I also like.  And since I’ve only used it the one time, I wonder how many uses (showers) I’d get out of it? It’s pretty light in the hand compared to the average bar, but maybe it’s more efficient? Thanks for this soap.

Vidas Enck, Malibu Ca.

I don’t use soap anymore, I have gone over to commercial body wash (Aveeno). But I gave one of the soaps in the gift set a try anyway, and I found that it left no filmy, oily feeling on my skin. It actually felt like my skin! I also appreciate the lack of aromatics as I am sensitive to scent. It’s a good product, I felt clean, and I like that it’s yucca based. I’ll be trying all four of the soaps n the gift pack…can’t wait to try the Lava rock one on my feet!!!!!

Sarah Spitz, Santa Monica Ca.

This is the first soap we’ve found, other than Dr. Bronner’s, that doesn’t have palm oil in it. Our family LOVES Blue Sky Body Care soaps. I think they are especially exceptional because they are yucca-based: there’s something special about the silky yet crisp clean feeling you get from these soaps!!

Matt Powers

I was introduced to the Bamboo Vinegar Soap by a very good friend and I am so glad I was.  My Eczema causes my skin to be very dry.  This soap has a creamy feel on my skin.  Though it isn’t a cure, my skin feels considerately less dry and there is no tightness.  These products are now my go to gifts for my friends and family

Nancy Eng, Silver Spring Maryland

My wife bought the Cedar Sage Shave Soap as a gift for me.  This is the first time I have used a brush to shave and I find it easy to use. I get a smooth, clean shave and there is no skin irritation.  I highly recommend this product.

Rodney Eng, Silver Print Maryland

I started using the Bamboo Vinegar Soap for Face and Body about nine months ago or so and I am not exaggerating when I say it has completely changed my skin for the better. I have struggled with acne for six years now, and while some medication has helped get breakouts mostly under control, my skin is still very prone to acne and my battles with breakouts over the years left my skin texture not-so-smooth, extremely sensitive, and prone to redness. Additionally, in the past couple of years or so, my skin has gone from being oily to super dry, so suffice to say it’s been tough for quite a bit and I’ve been on the quest for products that finally work for my skin for so long. My god this soap was a game-changer. I know this is kind of a cliche in skincare reviews, but seriously, after the first wash, my skin was noticeably much happier. Usually, after washing my face if I don’t get some moisturizer on there quick, it’ll turn into a tight, cracked mess; after using the Blue Sky soap, my skin felt comfortable, not tight at all, as if I could keep going without moisturizer (be sure you do always use moisturizer though :) ). Over weeks of using it, I noticed my skin tone evened out much more–it was more neutrally toned instead of reddish like usual. I also realized that I was able to do more things that used to guarantee a breakout–eating sugar, going to bed late, etc–without breaking out. It blew my mind. I’m the sort of person who always projects my wildest hopes and dreams for my skin onto my latest skincare purchase, nearly always with disappointing results, but this time, with this unassuming bar of soap, my unreasonably high expectations were not only met but exceeded.

Eleanor Henderson

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