Introducing 4 Awesome Yucca-based Soaps

Blue Sky Body Care’s Gift Set $12.00

Blue Sky Body Care’s GIFT SET is a delightful sampling of four refreshingly unique soaps designed to cater to your body’s gentlest needs — each one remarkable in bringing out the very best in your body’s most sensitive surfaces


Introducing 4 Awesome Yucca-based Soaps

Simply Cleanse Soap keeps your skin remarkably hydrated and refreshed. This all-natural lathering bar is beautifully handcrafted with zero artificial substances and only the purest naturally sourced organics.

Simply Cleanse is invested with Blue Sky Body Care’s staple ingredients of microfine anti-toxin biochar and the deep moisture retention properties of yucca root powder. The improved look and feel of your every surface and pore are apparent immediately after use.

Bamboo Vinegar Soap from Blue Sky Body Care enlivens and restores your skin’s healthy oils with the nutritive essence of all-natural bamboo vinegar. Organically produced, non-distilled bamboo vinegar is extracted directly from the vapors of pyrolyzed bamboo to deliver the nutrient-rich treatment your body’s entire surface is thirsty for.

Bamboo vinegar has long been relied upon for detoxing and soothing the most sensitive skin. Blue Sky Body Care has created an utterly original all-natural cleansing bar that combines the goodness of bamboo vinegar with nourishing colloidal oatmeal and protective yucca root.

Bamboo Biochar Soap, from Blue Sky Body Care, delicately detoxifies and gently exfoliates all skin types. Commonly used in facial masks, biochar’s exceptional absorbency draws out impurities while tightening pores and soothing skin.

Sourced from the abundantly renewable bamboo tree, this wholly original soap reaches deep into your skin’s every layer to clear them of toxins while leaving untouched any natural nutrients and healthy oils. In combination with the deep moisturizing properties of yucca root, this Bamboo Biochar Soap leaves your skin cleanly balanced, toxin-free, and nutrient-rich.

Cedar Sage Face and Body Bar, from Blue Sky Body Care, redefines the smoothness of the skin with a silky clean feeling that lasts all day and remains a delight to the touch. The subtlest hints of sage oils and cedar oils come together to soothe and enliven both body and spirit.

The deeply nutritional and moisturizing properties of yucca root powder combine with elemental organics to generate a hearty, healthful elasticity for your skin topped off by an energetic glow and satiny feel.

In addition to being the highest native source of Resveratrol, yucca root is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. The impressive natural moisture retention of yucca root works to keep your skin hydrated and healthy with a vibrant sheen that lasts all day.

Considerable thought has gone into the design of these soaps, even beyond their vegan, eco-friendly ingredients. Every batch goes through a meticulous curing process to ensure the end product is of superior and enduring quality.

Designed to encourage your skin and overall body health to work and play well with each other inside and out, Blue Sky’s original line of meticulously built body basics infuses every inch of your skin’s surface with the most elemental vitamin-rich conditioning while leaving you simply clean and fully refreshed.

Restore and sustain both your skin and spirit with this delightfully wholesome and smart selection of hand-crafted small-batch organics from Blue Sky. Conscientiously crafted in the USA, all Blue Sky Body Care products are biodegradable and gray water-friendly with no animal products or animal testing. Product packaging is responsibly compostable.


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