Bamboo Vinegar Soap for Face and Body

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Bamboo Vinegar Soap $12.00

Bamboo Vinegar Soap from Blue Sky Body Care enlivens and restores your skin’s healthy oils with the nutritive essence of all-natural bamboo vinegar. Organically produced, non-distilled bamboo vinegar is extracted directly from the vapors of pyrolyzed bamboo to deliver the nutrient-rich treatment your body’s entire surface is thirsty for.


Bamboo vinegar has long been relied upon for detoxing and soothing the most sensitive skin. Blue Sky Body Care has created an utterly original all-natural cleansing bar that combines the goodness of bamboo vinegar with nourishing colloidal oatmeal and protective yucca root. Considerable thought has gone into the design of this soap, even beyond its vegan, eco-friendly ingredients. Every single batch goes through a meticulous curing process to ensure the end product is of superior and enduring quality.

The inclusion of yucca root powder in every Blue Sky product assures a remarkable level of hydration to help your skin retain maximum moisture and maintain a long-lasting glow from the inside out. In addition to its naturally nutritive characteristics, yucca root is the most significant source of Resveratrol with its crucial antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Blue Sky’s Bamboo Vinegar soap leaves your skin with an organically pleasant, oh-so-subtle smoky afterglow with no artificial fragrance added.

There’s a unique delight in a simple bar of soap, so natural it not only refreshes but vitalizes every layer of your body’s surface with a perfect balance of penetrating nutrients. When married to the moisturizing elements of yucca root, this stimulating cocktail elevates skin to an energizing new experience of clean that naturally balances Ph for all skin types. Steeped in the wholesome and deep-moisturizing properties of yucca root, this Bamboo Vinegar bar reaches well beyond the realm of mere soap.

All Blue Sky Body Care products are diligently handcrafted in the USA and are biodegradable and gray water-friendly with no animal products or animal testing. Environmentally responsible product packaging is fully compostable.

Natural skin deserves a natural clean that invigorates every inch of your body’s surface. For a penetratingly deep clean that doesn’t resort to harsh detergents, Blue Sky Body Care’s Bamboo Vinegar soap enriches your skin with 100 percent natural organic ingredients: Saponified Coconut Oil, Olive Oil & Sunflower Oil, Colloidal Oatmeal, Naturally Extracted Bamboo Vinegar and Yucca Root Powder.

Our bodies hunger daily for simple, healthy foods both inside and out. Feed your sensitive surfaces the diet they so richly deserve. For a soothing and complete vitamin-rich cleanse that doesn’t strip your skin of its naturally healthful oils, Blue Sky Body Care exceeds every notion of skin deep with its daily regimen of nutritional organics. For a clean, clear, entirely natural alternative to waxy residues and designer detergents.

2 reviews for Bamboo Vinegar Soap for Face and Body

  1. Joy

    AMAZING! I have never used a soap like the Bamboo Vinegar Soap (and I’m 63). It cleans the skin while leaving it soft and able to accept lotion. I can use less lotion, and it stays on for longer. Really amazing! Thanks, Blue Sky Body Care! Can’t wait to try more products!

    Plus, I have to add how impressive the packaging is. It both looks good and is good for the environment. No glue or plastics. Clever!

  2. Joy

    AMAZING! I have never used a soap like the Bamboo Vinegar Soap (and I’m 63!). It cleans the skin while leaving it soft and able to accept lotion. I can use less lotion, and it stays on for longer. Really amazing. Thanks, Blue Sky Body Care!

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