Cedar Sage Shave Soap For A Sensational Shave

Cedar Sage Shave Soap For A Sensational Shave $12.00

As a much-requested complement to one of Blue Sky’s most popular Face and Body Bars, this superbly evocative Cedar Sage Shave Soap from Blue Sky Body Care is a quick lathering, rich textured way to coax the most stubborn hairs to the surface. Whether from check to chin or calf to thigh, a Cedar Sage shave personifies the smoothness that all skin aspires to.


Start with a creamy lather and the satin stroke of a blade. Finish with a silky clean feel that remains a delight to the touch, leaving only the subtlest hint of sage and cedar to invigorate and soothe completely. As a core ingredient to all Blue Sky Body Care products, yucca root provides deeply nutritional and superbly moisturizing properties. In combination with Blue Sky’s elemental organics, this gentle shave soap generates a hearty, healthful elasticity for your skin, topped off by an energetic glow and satiny feel. In addition to being the highest native source of Resveratrol, yucca root is an anti-microbial and anti-inflamatory agent. Its exceptional natural moisture retention works to keep your skin hydrated, healthy and oh so touchable.

Designed with the same invigorating cedar and sage oils as Blue Sky’s Cedar Sage Body Bar, this shave soap prepares the most sensitive skin for a razor’s touch with the addition of castor oil for a superior level of emolliency. Blue Sky Body Care’s thoughtfully crafted 100 percent organic soap features custom blends of all-natural ingredients: Saponified Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil, both Cedarwood and Sage Essential Oils, Ground Sage Powder, Colloidal Oatmeal and Yucca Root Powder.

Welcome your senses to the delights of deep tissue moisturizing and essential oils with an immersive Cedar Sage experience. Designed to help your skin and overall body health work and play well with each other. Blue Sky’s original line of meticulously built body basics infuses every inch of your skin’s surface with the most elemental vitamin-rich conditioning while leaving you simply clean and fully refreshed.

If your interior demands only the healthiest foods, doesn’t your exterior deserve an equally rich and regenerative diet? Go deeper. Clean and feed both your skin and spirit with a delightfully wholesome and smart selection of hand-crafted small-batch organics from Blue Sky Body Care.

Conscientiously crafted in the USA, all Blue Sky Body Care products are biodegradable and gray water friendly with no animal products or animal testing. Product packaging is responsibly compostable.

For a soothing vitamin-rich cleanse that doesn’t strip your skin of its naturally healthful oils, Blue Sky Body Care exceeds every notion of skin deep with its daily regimen of nutritional organics — a clean, clear, entirely natural alternative to waxy residues and designer detergents. There’s a unique delight in a simple bar of soap, so natural it not only refreshes but vitalizes every layer of your body’s surface with the perfect balance of penetrating nutrients.


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