Soap Dish

Soap Dish $8.00

Comes in Black and White

More than a simple soap dish Blue Sky takes body care seriously, not only in its cleansing and moisturizing products, but in maintaining the health of our planet. 

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planet. This extends to its thoughtful line of body care accessories, all of which are naturally sourced, eco friendly, and fully biodegradable. These beautiful soap dishes have been thoughtfully engineered with an eco-conscious design and construction from start to finish. The base dish is holistically fashioned from a unique marriage of bamboo fiber power and corn starch, resulting in a durable, food safe, waterproof container that’s both heat and oil resistant, yet is fully compostable and will easily biodegrade if buried in the soil. Through all the years you utilize this simple yet elegant soap dish, it will serve as a stylish complement to your cleansing routine, effortlessly repelling water, oils and soap residues. Available in a sleek clean white or a rich carbon black, each soap dish also sports a natural bamboo drain rack that keeps your soaps well away from moisture runoff to help them dry faster and last longer. Blue Sky Body Care supports a complete eco-friendly lifestyle with environmentally friendly and naturally sourced, non-toxic materials. Fully rejecting synthetics and turning instead to universally embraced planet-healthy products, Blue Sky endorses only sustainable and environmentally conscious product lines and accessories. This elegant and eco-friendly dish is not only a delightful addition but a must-have complement to every personal cleaning routine. Only from Blue Sky Body Care. 


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