Bamboo Biochar Soap for Face and Body

Bamboo Biochar Soap for Face & Body $12.00

Bamboo Biochar Soap, from Blue Sky Body Care, delicately detoxifies and gently exfoliates all skin types. Commonly used in facial masks, biochar’s exceptional absorbency draws out impurities while tightening pores and soothing skin.


Soap For Face and Body

In combination with the deep moisturizing properties of yucca root, this Bamboo Biochar Soap leaves your skin cleanly balanced, toxin-free, and nutrient-rich. The carbon-neutral properties of naturally produced bamboo biochar clear away noxious oils that keep your skin from looking and feeling its best.

Sourced from the abundantly renewable bamboo tree, this wholly original biochar soap reaches deep into your skin’s every layer to clear them of toxins while leaving untouched any natural nutrients and healthy oils.

Considerable thought has gone into the wholly organic design of this soap, even beyond its vegan, eco-friendly ingredients. Every single batch goes through a rigorous curing process to ensure the end product is of superior and enduring quality.

Natural skin deserves a natural clean. Blue Sky Body Care’s Bamboo Biochar Soap invigorates every inch of your body’s surface with the wholesome properties of yucca root. In addition to being the highest native source of Resveratrol with its native anti-inflammatory and antioxidant advantages, the organics of yucca’s natural moisture retention work to keep your skin hydrated and healthy with a vibrant afterglow that lasts all day.

For a penetratingly deep clean that doesn’t resort to harsh detergents, this Bamboo Biochar Soap detoxes, enlivens, and elevates your most sensitive surfaces to a new level of fresh, relying on only 100 percent naturally organic ingredients: Saponified Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and Sunflower Oil, Micro Fine Bamboo Biochar Powder, Colloidal Oatmeal and Yucca Root Powder. Conscientiously designed, Blue Sky’s small-batch soaps are meticulously handcrafted in the USA, biodegradable, and gray water-friendly with no animal products or animal testing. Product packaging is responsibly compostable.

Our bodies hunger daily for elemental, healthy foods inside and out. For a soothing vitamin-rich clean that doesn’t strip your skin of its naturally healthful oils, Blue Sky Body Care exceeds every notion of skin deep with its daily regimen of nutritional organics — a clean, clear, entirely biotic alternative to waxy residues and designer detergents. There’s a unique delight in a simple bar of soap, so natural it not only refreshes but vitalizes every layer of your body’s sensitive surface with the perfect balance of penetrating nutrients.


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